International Freight

Hansen Shipping provide a one stop shop for the movement of your machinery around the world.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in this field means we are fully conversant with all makes and models of high and heavy machinery.

We have highly experienced staff & network of agents to provide you with the highest quality service and technical know-how to ensure your cargo gets from A to B efficiently.

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Trucking Heavy Haul Services

Road transport is an essential part of our activities, most of our shipments include road transport at origin,destination or both, our many years of experience have enabled us to establish a strong supply chain of heavy haulage specialists that we can call to service your needs in moving construction and mining equipment.

In 2015 we have a welcome addition to our USA group in Hansen Specialized Transportation.

Based in our Atlanta GA office our trucking team will be very happy to serve you with the same level of commitment to excellence as our Freight Forwarding Offices.




Dismantling and Packing

When moving machinery it is essential to be aware of the individual characteristics to best gauge the safest and most cost effective of shipment, with our comprehensive machinery knowledge we can advise you the best possible form for the machine to be shipped in.

By taking the time to dismantle accessories from the machine and shipping them loose or by packing the parts into shipping containers we can save you money!

In order to compete in some markets it has become preferable to dismantle entire machines and pack them to shipping containers for shipment, once again our experience of the individual machinery and market pricing enables us to best advise you.


Cargo Insurance

Many of our customers believe that the carrier or steam ship line that moves their goods will automatically cover them with insurance for loss or damages.

This is not the case, road transport companies generally hold a limited coverage however ocean transport is not covered unless you the cargo owner arrange insurance coverage.

It should never be assumed that another party has made the necessary arrangements for you and expect that your goods are automatically insured on an ‘all-risks’ basis whilst in transit or in third party storage.

Under Maritime Law shipping companies tend to operate under Conditions of Carriage which limit their liability in cases of loss, damage or delay.

We strongly recommend you take out insurance against loss, damage or delay in transit and will be happy to assist you in arranging coverage.

We work with only the best companies, to ensure that, should your cargo be damaged, the service, speed and professionalism in which your claim is handled and settled is second to none.

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Cleaning and Fumigation

Where required Hansen Shipping arrange for vehicles and machinery to be prepared to the correct export standards with cleaning & fumigation.

Many countries have adopted stringent standards relating to the importation of vehicles and heavy machinery, countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA routinely inspect and require certification for such hazards as insects, soil, stones, seeds, wood, etc.

We understand these high standards and assist our customers in providing the necessary treatment and certification required.

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Customs Clearance Services

Hansen Shipping can offer a full customs clearance service for all exports and imports worldwide.

We as your shipping agent would be there as an advisor to you, so that you know your consignment is in capable hands.

Our US Office has recently been registered as a licensed US Customs Broker, this welcome addition to our services means that we will be happy to assist you with all of your clearance and tariff classification needs.


NVOCC (United Cargo Lines)

Hansen Shipping are General agents for United Cargo Lines which is a NVOCC. (Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier)

United Cargo Lines is a niche NVOCC that is specialised High & Heavy cargo.

Being a NVO we can choose the best suited carrier for your machines.

United Cargo lines (UCL) has the majority of it’s activities on routes to & from North America but is also a regular on many other trade routes across the Globe.

United Cargo Lines has a network of agents and contacts that work closely together to ensure that shippers receive the highest level of customer service on every shipment.




Consular Services

Hansen Shipping can assist you every step of the way when it comes to consular documentation, providing advice on proof of origin and country requirements. We are able to assist in the raising Certificates of Origin, liaising with Chambers of Commerce and obtaining any required Embassy stamps.

Export Shipping Documentation Include:

  • Certification & Legalisation of Certificates of Origin.
  • EUR-1 & ATR-1 documents.
  • Combined Certificate of Value & Origin (CCVO)

Documentary Credits

Hansen Shipping can assist with the requirements / processes of a documentary credit – also known as a letter of credit – One of the best-known payment processes, which provides security to both the seller and the buyer through the international banking system.

Hansen Shipping has experienced staff that will be able to guide you through the documentary credit, produce and check documents complies with the terms of the credit and presentation to the bank if required.




Contract Negotiations

With over 30 years’ of experience, an excellent reputation within the shipping & machinery industry, we assist our clients during contract negotiations to ensure that all  logistical requirements are in place. This will include advise on INCO terms, risk and responsibility in general when trading internationally.

Please contact us for any questions you may have.